El Nido, Palawan, The Philippines

El Nido is a coastal settlement on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Surrounding it are 45 islands of varying sizes that jut from the clear waters, creating a stunning Karst backdrop that rounds out the exotic scenery. You’ve got to see this place. 


El Nido Palawan


Things to Do:

El Nido has lots of activities on offer. Some of the best include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Island hopping boat tours, creatively named A,B,C, and D. Each captures one aspect of what makes El Nido so amazing. Spend the day cruising between towering limestone cliffs, swimming in hidden alcoves and lazing on the countless beaches that ring the islands
  • Camp on a island – like the island tours, but when everyone else turns around to go home – you stay!
  • Scuba diving – unfortunately, in February the water visibility becomes limited below about 10m due to the presence of plankton. Best to dive at another time.
  • Eat balut – fertilized duck egg, ubiquitous as street food in the Philippines. 18 days is considered the optimum age to consume. Everyone will be completely disgusted at you but also secretly impressed.
  • Visit Nacpan Beach – approximately 45 minutes by tricycle ride from El Nido. A wide, expansive stretch of unspoiled white sand; the western end tapers out to a spit adjoining a headland with a smaller twin beach. Very scenic – the nicest beach around!
  • Climb Taraw Peak, just behind the El Nido town, at dawn for breathtaking views of the bay and surrounds.


Getting There:

Cebu Pacific Air fly direct to Manila from Sydney. Wait for sale fares! Our flight over was less than half full, with courteous staff and plenty of rows to recline and sleep. Plus with this guy as your mascot how can you go wrong?


If you’re time poor, Island Transvoyager, Inc (email – csu@itiair.com) fly direct between Manila – El Nido. At 13,500 PHP / $330 AUD return it’s a bit of a wallet breaker.

Otherwise, fly to Puerto Princesa and catch a bus (6-7hrs each way).

Until next time!




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