Medellin, Colombia – The City of Eternal Spring

Time for a new city, in a new country, on a new continent!

Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city and for all that I can tell so far – it’s awesome. Mix stunning mountain scenery, close-to-perfect weather, a lush, evergreen, tropical ambience, friendly latin vibe and modern amenities and Medellin is what you get.

To be honest I’ve been working more than anything else in the two weeks that I’ve been here and so I’ve barely scratched the surface of the city. I just wanted to share a few photos!

Want to go, but need more information? I found Medellin Living to be an invaluable resource when planning my trip. The WebWorkTravel Digital Nomad Guide is great too.

A pretty sunset from the balcony of my current AirBNB apartment in Aguacatala.


A city of contrasts – the trip up the mountain side on the Metro Cable (gondola) literally takes you up and over much, much poorer barrios than the affluent areas (Poblado, Laureles, etc) where you’re likely to spend most of your time.


Daytripping. Here at El Piedra del Peñol, near Guatape and about 2 hours East of Medellin, I got to use my rock climbing gear much sooner than expected!

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